What do we offer?

You will probably not get surprised by an easy and intuitive interface. What can surprise you, however, is the complete Cloud integration which lets you use the program from both PC, phone or tablet. Your patients‘ medical history and profiles including calendar are accessible from anywhere you go. In addition, we offer a variety of services that exceed the expectations of most dental clinics and offices.

Simple = straightforward

Because the founder of Simple Dent is a dentist, we know well how annoying is for dentists to learn and use yet another computer programs. It is mostly just delaying their work. Thanks to the fact that Simple Dent from the beginning use mantra „dentist dentist“, we managed to create a really simple and easy to use program. A totally intuitive interface is verifiable saving the dentist’s time in comparable operations in comparison to other dentists‘ programs on the Czech market.

Login Page Screenshot

Calendar and patients‘ notice

Can you imagine your practice today without a calendar? And do you know that up to 70% of dentists in the Czech Republic still use a paper notebook as a calendar? You certainly know how much 1 minute of your time cost when your chair is empty because „the patient has forgotten“. Thanks to Simple Dent and its clever features ordering and reminding minimize situation your patient forgets about an appointment. In addition, you have your calendar anytime, anywhere. Just check your mobile, PC or tablet, both you and your whole team.

Dental scheme

The dental scheme is probably the most crucial function of any dental program. Because we know a variety of programs form all around the world, we were able to crate a clear, but very simple, dental scheme. It can be controlled quickly and intuitively by a mouse as well as keyboard shortcuts like PC Dent. You do not believe? Contact us and try the demo!

Extra functions

Simple Dent is software designed especially for dentists and dental clinics. Patients management was never easier. Do you want to experience it yourself?